Notes from the Field: Meet Jonna

We love our small-batch, sustainable clothing (duh!), but what we love even more are the cute, inspiring, smart people in our clothing. So we've decided to turn it over to some of the kick-ass supporters of our brand. Each month we'll release a new interview with a Field Study Clothing connoisseur - you'll get to learn a bit more about the FSC community, plus see pics of how they've styled their pieces. You'll have inspiration coming out of your ears by the end of it:)
Meet Jonna!

Tell us about yourself. What do you love, what do you do for fun, what can’t you live without?

I love to read. I love going to the first movie of the day and being the only one in the theater. I love playing board and card games with family and friends. I also love art. I love to buy paintings for my home. Anything that speaks to me. Most are are local Oklahoma artists. It’s cliché, but I can’t live without my family. I love the little life we’ve built.

How did you hear about Field Study Clothing?
Stefanie from Twinkle Apothecary
Describe your style in one sentence.
I would describe my style as chaotic and evolving.
Describe your dream day. What are you wearing?
I don’t know what my dream day is, but I know it’s cold weather. I’m wearing a cozy sweater. But, I also, love to dress up. I’m usually over dressed for any occasion. I don’t go out much, so when I do, I do it up right.
Who or what inspires your style?
I love color and print. I don’t shy away from it if the silhouette is right.
What is one fashion trend you’re glad is gone?
Low rise jeans
What book, show, blog, or podcast are you obsessing over right now?
I love Ozark, all crime shows, cooking and baking shows. Trash TV. I make a lot of decisions in my family, and sometimes I like to turn my brain off and not to think about anything.
Since we are a sustainably focused clothing brand, tell us about something sustainable in your life. Do you have a hack, a shift you've made, another sustainable/local brand you like?
I have switched all my skincare to Twinkle Apothecary, no plastic bottles, I refill all of them I can, recycle those I can’t.
Tell us something funny about yourself.
I’m obsessed with giraffes and peacocks. I’ve collected giraffes my whole life.
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