Notes from the Field: Meet Kaci

Tell us about yourself. What do you love, what do you do for fun, what can’t you live without?
Hi I'm Kaci! I love my husband and my super cute baby, I love anything sparkly and pink, and I love the mountains. For fun I go for walks, workout, ski, travel (more in the before times!), and SHOPPING. I can't live without coffee or my flat iron ;)
How did you hear about Field Study Clothing?
I just so happen to be related to its founder! Hi, I'm Carly's younger sister!
Describe your style in one sentence.
Mostly casual and easy-going with a love for glitter or a statement piece should the mood strike!
Describe your dream day. What are you wearing?
Dream day would be a slow morning with coffee and my family, wearing quitters (comfy clothes!), then head up to the cutest little lake for a walk and breakfast (leggings obvi). After that we'd hit the park with all our buds to play volleyball (shorts and tank) and finish the day with a chic little dinner and some good wine (wearing a dress, probably the linen sack dress with Chelsea boots and a leather jacket).
Who or what inspires your style?
I love a casual chic vibe most of the time. I really love the style of @jessannkirby. And my big sis (founder of Field Study!) has always been a style inspiration for me. She can find anything at a thrift store, tell me to pair it with a white tee and white sneakers and it's always a hit.
What is one fashion trend you’re glad is gone?
Pretty much most things from 2005-2010. I look back at what I wore in college and I have no idea what I was thinking. Tunics and huge belts? No thanks!
What book, show, blog, or podcast are you obsessing over right now?
My two fav podcasts are "Sounds Like a Cult" and "Diet Starts Tomorrow". Definitely very into Yellowstone right now too!
Since we are a sustainably focused clothing brand, tell us about something sustainable in your life. Do you have a hack, a shift you've made, another sustainable/local brand you like?
In the recent years I've really started to take a look at what's in my closet and how I can make better choices for people and the planet going forward. I loooove shopping, but have learned so much more about the negative impact the fashion industry (specifically fast fashion) has on almost every part of the process. I have become MUCH more conscious about the brands I buy from now. Outerknown (besides FSC of course!) has become my go-to. I also love MATE the Label, Amour Vert, Veja and Prana. All these brands are making moves in the fashion industry towards a better, more sustainable future of fashion. I have been using the Good On You app for a while now as well. They highlight and rate brands based on people, planet and animals. It's been a really helpful guide for making the switch to more conscious shopping.
Tell us something funny about yourself.
I like to name things like cars, plants, my rolling pin, etc. I'm not sure if it's funny or a problem!
Add anything else you'd like! A poem, a quote, or nothing if you're tired from answering all those questions :)
I got two quotes for ya! "In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, and invincible summer" - Albert Camus and "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" - Socrates
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