Notes from the Field: Meet Stefanie

Tell us about yourself. What do you love, what do you do for fun, what can’t you live without?
I'm a small business owner, artisan perfumer, and mother. I love art and nature, so visiting museums and taking walks through the park is my idea of a good time! I love movies, reading, writing, and cooking. I can't live without yoga. Or tea! Or wine! Or chocolate! I sound so basic! Haha.
How did you hear about Field Study Clothing?
When you moved into the shop across the parking lot from mine!
Describe your style in one sentence.
It... varies... there are lots of colors and vintage dresses involved... and also sweatpants lately... and coats made out of blankets ;)... 501s... I always say it ranges from Parisian mom to retired art teacher. (Do you like my use of ellipsis to keep this all in one sentence?)
Describe your dream day. What are you wearing?
I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm wearing a great big colorful dress.
Who or what inspires your style?
I have no idea! I've been obsessed with fashion since a teen, when I started collecting Vogue magazines. I'm probably mostly influenced by all of old movies from the 40s-60s that I grew up watching, (thanks mom!) and, I still download Vogue on my iPad every month...
What is one fashion trend you’re glad is gone?
I'm just over trends in general, really. Maybe I'm getting old, but I do not care if what I'm wearing is cool or of-the-moment. How do the kids keep up with every kind of "core" that goes viral on TikTok? Instead of following trends, I think: does it spark my imagination? Is it comfortable? Fun? Is it a brand that aligns with my ethics? That's all that matters! Oh, but I was pretty glad to see skinny jeans go. Goodbye, sausage legs.
What book, show, blog, or podcast are you obsessing over right now?
I finally started watching Ted Lasso, so wholesome, and I'm (sadly) looking forward to the final season of Grace and Frankie. I follow a few authors on Substack and love getting their newsletters in my inbox - Ask Polly is my hero, The Department of Salad, Sweater Weather, Hola Papi! - please send me recommendations for more. I don't do podcasts!
Since we are a sustainably focused clothing brand, tell us about something sustainable in your life. Do you have a hack, a shift you've made, another sustainable/local brand you like?
Well, I happen to know of a great local sustainable beauty brand *winks awkwardly.* (check out Stefanie's brand Twinkle Apothecary HERE)
Tell us something funny about yourself.
Um... gosh... I suddenly feel very boring and have no idea what to say?!
Add anything else you'd like! A poem, a quote, or nothing if you're tired from answering all those questions :)
"Fashion is instant language." - Miuccia Prada
Thank you for being a part of our sustainable fashion community. Shop Stefanie's favorites from Field Study HERE

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