Slowing down for the last two months of the year

I've been thinking a lot lately about how to slow down a bit more for the last part of this year. For most of my life I’ve been go, go, go, always moving, always impatient, rushing from one thing to the next, hurrying, trying to cram everything in, acting in only the most efficient ways. Only recently have I started to slow the hell down, be okay with idleness, open my brain to allow for some thinking time, time to make decisions, mull over things (but not in an obsessive why-did-I-say-that kind of way)! 

I've also been thinking more about what it means to own a small business, the reality of the hustle, the peaks of delight and troughs of disappointment. And I have to say, I’ve been a bit at odds with those two modus operandi. On the one hand, slow, mindful fashion is supposed to be just that—slow and mindful. But on the other hand, I have a business to run and there is always something I could do, something I should do, something I can change, tweak, edit, stitch, or sew. There’s also the scary part of putting things out in the world that I’ve toiled, sweated, and labored over—what if no one likes it? What if no one buys it? What if people like it, but they think it’s too expensive and won’t buy it?! The list of terrifying scenarios I make up in my head are endless…

But here’s what I’ve slowly come to realize (do you recognize a theme?). It’s ok to spend a long time on something and live with the reality that people maybe won’t like it. If you remember my comment above about “acting in only the most efficient ways”—this has been a hard reality to swallow: I may spend a lot of time and effort on something and it might be completely rejected, or even worse—lukewarmly accepted—and that is definitely NOT efficient, that’s the opposite of efficient. I’ve also started to realize that some of the best things in this world are weird and special and take a lot of time to make and aren’t dirt cheap and people LOVE these things, obsess over them, idolize them (think Fabergé eggs, Hermes scarves, art of any kind, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for fuck sake!). And it just takes time to build that following and build that understanding with people about what I’m making, how I make it, and why it’s worth it.

So I end this post with another challenge, take some time the last two months of this year to slow down and do something frivolous, something not efficient, something not productive. Don’t let yourself feel bad about it—luxuriate in that feeling of doing nothing, enjoy the sunshine, have a second pastry, go forest bathing (a.k.a shinrin-yoku check out this article, it’s lovely:

I look forward to hearing about it.




P.S. I realize I didn’t talk much about clothing or my clothing line up above, but that’s kind of the point of these blog posts. They are more to get to know me, how I think, and why I create, more than just selling things. Hope you’re cool with that, and if you’re not I’m sure you didn’t make it this far anyway J

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