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Hi there! I wanted to introduce myself and share a bit more information about myself, why I started Field Study, and what my goals and intentions are with this clothing brand.
Girl smiling in a black linen top with flutter sleeves and white shorts. The background is blue.

As mentioned in the About section, I am a geologist by training and have spent most of my professional life working as a geologist at an oil company. As of recently in 2020 (gotta love 2020, what a year) I decided to make a change and focus my time on other passions--creating things, art, and fashion. I've been a lifelong art and fashion lover and working in a very technical field, I often felt like that creative side was lacking. I was also looking for a way to make a more positive impact in the world on my own terms and not at a big corporation.

There is a big movement right now, and has been going for quite a few years now, focusing on slow fashion, making one's own clothes, and taking some time to look at how clothes are made, where they come from, and who makes them. Learning about the fashion industry is a fairly recent journey for me, and I am still learning, but when I first learned about it, the movement really spoke to me and I decided to jump in. One of the first places I looked was TED, and they have this great talk from Maxine Bedat: 


Bedat does a clear job breaking down what she means by "fast fashion", why it's harmful, and even goes into different fabrics and how environmentally friendly/not they are. This is a great place to start if you are just learning. I also want to say--this is not me being judgmental about where you buy your clothes, this is just a way to start to educate yourself and learn more. The more you know (cue rainbow ending in star with light piano music).

When people start to talk about the detrimental environmental impacts humans have on the planet, my eyes usually glaze over and I start to feel a slight tightening in my chest because it seems like such a MONUMENTAL problem. But I like this focus on slow, sustainable fashion because I feel like it's something I can actually control and made better decisions about on a daily basis. Creating something with my own hands, spending time on each part of the construction, paying attention to how the seams are sewn, then wearing it, and people actually liking it--is so incredibly wonderful I can't even. I'm also not saying everyone go out there and learn to sew, but I think there is some delight in knowing where your clothes came from and how they were made.

I am going to start a new trend--instead of highlighting how cheap I bought something for--I'm going to start bragging about the sustainability of the product/piece of clothing/etc. No more focus on price, but on quality, sustainability, and support of small businesses.

Have a lovely rest of your week!


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