• Making Clothes in One Size? Please Explain.

    Ok I have a lot to say this month. I'm going to talk a lot about sizing and my approach to sizing and then give some recommendations for other sustainable brands that I love.
  • Goals! Goals? Why Goals...

    I have never been a big goal person. I especially hated putting goals "out there" because then I'd feel obligated to stick to them, didn't like thi...
  • Wrapping up 2020

    Well I don't even know what to write about this crazy year we've had, and the month of December has been no exception. I started out the month with...
  • Slowing down for the last two months of the year

    I've been thinking a lot lately about how to slow down a bit more for the last part of this year. For most of my life I’ve been go, go, go, always moving, always impatient, rushing from one thing to the next, hurrying, trying to cram everything in, acting in only the most efficient ways. Only recently have I started to slow the hell down, be okay with idleness, open my brain to allow for some thinking time, time to make decisions, mull over things.
  • Welcome to Field Study!

    Hi there! I wanted to introduce myself and share a bit more information about myself, why I started Field Study, and what my goals and intentions are with this clothing brand.