Brand Story

I love nature. I love fashion. Growing up and throughout college, it seemed those two concepts were separate and had nothing to do with one another. Fashion is art and art imitates nature, so there you go, the connection is established!

The fashion industry is destructive to the environment and has poor labor practices. From the amount of water that is used to make denim, to the toxic chemicals used to dye textiles, to the low wages and terrible working conditions in the industry, there is a lot to improve. With Field Study Clothing, I wanted to create a more conscious, ethical clothing brand that cares about fashion and style, and also cares about the impact we have on our environment.

You, the customer, have the power to choose. Where your clothes come from. Who makes them. What materials are used. Those choices reflect who you are, and what you wear is an expression of your values.

Field Study Clothing is here to give you an option for a sustainable clothing brand located in the midwest.


Behind the Name

I worked as a geologist for the past 10 years. I have a bachelors and masters in Geology and even have a published paper in a peer reviewed journal! I've been all over the country on field courses and field trips learning about different geologic settings.

When in graduate school, I would go out to Colorado for field work, collecting data to complete my degree. The name just felt like a natural fit - most of my adult life has been working in the geology field and now I'm starting a new kind of field study - of clothing, fashion, and design.