My Process and Philosophy

Small Batches and Repurposed Fabric

My goal is to be a sustainable and low environmental impact clothing line. I strive to find fabric I can repurpose, use dead stock fabric, or if I do buy new fabric try to find organic or use natural fibers. Found fabric is often only available in very limited quantities, but this approach means there is very little waste--I am not overproducing clothing that will end up in a landfill. And that means you, the customer, are buying clothes that are good for the environment and are still affordable.

I am a very small operation, hand cutting and sewing every garment out of my home studio. And that makes the pieces you buy even more special. Your friends will be jealous of all the cool clothing you have from Field Study Clothing--because they can't find it anywhere else.

Block Printing

In addition to reusing and repurposing fabric, I also create my own textiles by block printing fabric. The block prints are designed, hand carved, and hand printed (one image at a time!) by me. Block printing creates a unique textile using ink and hand carved printing blocks. The process is time consuming as each pattern is hand printed one at a time. While labor intensive, the end result is a beautiful piece of art.

I experiment with different shapes, colors, and patterns to come up with the most fun combinations. I also think about what shape of clothing will fit best with the pattern and color. This is a lengthy process, but the end result is one-of-a-kind pieces made with care and thought. The true essence of the slow fashion movement.

Kantha Quilts

What is a Kantha quilt and why is it special you ask? “Kantha” is the Sanskrit word for rags, and old cloth was believed to provide protection from harm. For centuries, Kantha quilts have been made by Bengali women utilizing three worn saris that are stitched together with long-running stitches to make a 3-layer quilted fabric sandwich. I love these quilts because they are made from fabric with a real history and story - lives were lived in this fabric before this piece made it to your closet. I strive to find vintage quilts from quality sellers out of India. I do my best to source the most sustainably and ethically made fabric.