What is Slow Fashion?

The slow fashion movement started out of the need to recognize that quickly made (fast), trendy fashion is detrimental to our environment and to our fellow humans. Slow fashion embraces the making process--many times we are separated from this process since we typically don't know who makes our clothing or how the fabric is manufactured or sourced.

The apparel industry is the second highest polluter in the world and outputs 10% of global carbon emissions. Everyone loves new clothes, but often those new clothes are made by low paid workers in questionable working conditions.

So what is the point of all these depressing statistics? It's just a way to shed some light on the fashion industry and create some perspective when shopping at Field Study Clothing. I create smaller batches of clothing at a cost comparable to brands you know (Madewell, Anthropologie). The difference is, you are getting a quality piece of clothing made by someone you know in a town you live in--I'd say that's beautifully slow.

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