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Made from vintage kantha quilts, this cardigan is super soft and reversible. One size, fits XS-XL. Every single cardigan is different - you will have the only version in existence!

These are from a earlier version of my cardigan design and these are not technically reversible, but I think you could still get away with wearing them "inside out"--it's up to you! Also, the sleeves are more of a bracelet length, perfect to show off your fave watch or bracelet stack.

What is a kantha quilt and why is it special you ask? Traditionally, Kantha quilts are made from three old saris stitched together with long running stitches to make a 3-layer quilted fabric sandwich. I love these because they are made from fabric with a real history and story—lives were lived in this fabric before this cardigan made it to your closet.

56” pit to pit

20” arm opening (hits half way down bicep)

26” shoulder to hem

Woman sitting in a chair, holding yellow flowers. There is a rock outcropping behind her. She is wearing a green dress with puffy sleeves and leather sandals.

Why choose us?

We are a woman-led business producing small batches of ethical clothing

We strive to use fabric made from natural fibers, up-cycled fabric, or re-purposed fabric. Every piece of clothing is made with care and thought by a small team of creators in Oklahoma City.



Bought a kantha cardigan for my mother, she loves the colors, fit and quality of the fabric. Will buy again!

Oklahoma City, OK

Would recommend Field Study to anyone who is looking for a unique piece of clothing to add to their wardrobe.

Oklahoma City, OK

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